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What services do we offer?


In a world of increasingly complex and rapidly evolving legal texts, AEQUITAS AVIATORILOR aims to offer you specialized services adapted to both your personal requirements and the needs of your business.

The extensive scope of our activities make us your partner , a partner capable of facing a wide variety of legal problems and providing you with the necessary tools to solve a wide variety of legal problems.

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Authentication procedure

We draw up the documents, establish the identity and obtain the consent of the parties regarding the content of the act. We verify that the act expresses your will and respect for the law.

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Amiable divorce

The marriage can be dissolved as a result of the request of both spouses and the law applicable to the divorce is the Romanian law. Following the acceptance of the request, the divorce certificate is issued.


Certification procedure

Certification of facts, in the cases provided by law, including general meetings of commercial companies;

Certification of the procedural stages of tenders and/or their results;

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Other procedures according to Law 36/1995

Giving certain dates to documents, receiving in deposit, protest documents of bills of exchange, promissory notes and checks, appointing the custodian or special curator, registering and keeping the fingerprints of special marking devices;

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Succession procedure

The public notary establishes the quality of the heirs and legatees, the extent of their rights and the composition of the estate. At their request and with their agreement, the public notary can proceed to the liquidation of the inheritance liability, the alienation of the asset or the sharing and assignment of assets.

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Fiduciary activities

The constituent parties transfer real rights, claims, guarantees or other rights, present or future, to the public notary as fiduciary who exercises them with a determined purpose for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

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Legalization procedure

Legalization of signatures on documents, signature specimens, as well as seals; legalization of copies of documents; legalization of copies of documents;

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Legal Consultations

We are at your disposal with legal consultations in notarial matters but also in collaboration with lawyers specialized in various fields, cadastral or ANEVAR experts, town planners, or bailiffs.

Here you can learn more about the Notary Public.

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